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Burpee Order - 2007

Unless someone posts some nasty comments about why I should avoid any of these seeds, I think I'm ready to finally place my Burpee order. It's a little flower heavy this year because my yard was destroyed by some renovations and I have a lot of empty space to fill.

My sister also got me a Gift Certificate for the Seeds Of Change catalog. I plan on getting mostly herbs and my favorite corn (True Gold) from them but I haven't finished deciding yet.

Porterhouse Beefsteak Tomato
Little Mamma Tomato
Tomato Early Girl
Tomato Tomande
Kentucky Wonder Pole Snap Bean
Burpee Golden Globe Turnip
Sweet Success Hybrid Cucumber
Bush Champion Cucumber
Parnsip Hollow Crown
Red Delicious Hybrid Pepper
Sunny Delight Squash
Summerlong Basil
Zowie Zinnia
Gaillardia Sundance Bicolor
Boy O'Boy Mix Marigolds
Burpee Hybrid Mix Zinnia
Blue Star Columbine
Quetzal Mix Columbine
Chinese Lantern
Gloriosa Daisy Double Gold
Gaillardia Amber Wheels
Lavender Lady
Alaska Shasta Daisy


  1. The County Clerk said...

    Black Krim tomatoes are also great from Burpee.
    Anthony said...
    I grew Black Krim last year and they were delicious but they didn't produce much. And they had a lot of Blossom End Rot too.

    That's why I'm going to try the Tomande this year.
    Blackswamp_Girl said...
    I'm getting hungry... :)

    I grew Black Krim once, and found the same thing you did re: production and taste. Cherokee Purple was great two years ago, but not so much last year--although last year admittedly was a bad tomato year. I'll be interested to hear how Tomande does for you.
    Carol said...
    Looks like a good list to me!
    steven wilson said...
    Great list of seeds you have there.I wish you the best with them all.

    Steven Wilson
    Anthony said...
    blackswamp_girl, Since both of us had low yields, I guess Black Krim just isn't that productive. Tasty though.

    Carol & Steve, thanks!

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