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Porcupine In A Tree

Thankfully this is one critter that never found his way to my yard. I guess porcupines and snapping turtles don't get together much to talk about hot spots.

Actually this picture was taken the last time I took my kids to the Bergen County Zoo. But could you imagine walking out to your garden, looking up in a tree and seeing one of these 30 plus pound porcupines? Yikes!


  1. Ki said...
    Hey cool. Have not seen on around the Princeton-Trenton area but maybe we have a chance since we live in the same state. I guess they're pretty hard to spot as I think they are nocturnal. Saw one in the Canadian Rockies. It was so big we first thought it was a bear cub. Scared the heck out of us as we sure didn't want to see mama grizzly barreling through the bushes.
    misti said...
    What a cute fella! I don't think I've ever seen a 'pine in the wild!
    mae said...
    I have walked out of my house and stopped dead because there was a giant porcupine staring down at me. This is not rare where I am from (eastern canada). Other than "shoo" it off the property, once it comes down the tree that is, there is not much one can do. Shooing is accomplished by walking behind it making noise or singing or by nudging it along with evergreen branches.

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