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Seedlings - Squash

All the rain that we've been getting on the East Coast is a drag but it's great for starting seeds outdoors. I don't have a sprinkler system and because of my pool construction I have to drag a hose out to the garden and bring it back with me when I'm done or else the Bobcat or Backhoe could rip it up. They already chewed through 2 of my soaker hoses that were buried under mulch so they owe me. Keeping my seeds moist enough to germinate would have been a nightmare if it wasn't rainning so much.

Is this what gardeners in rainny areas do? Just throw some seeds on the ground and whammo, seedlings pop up? Seems unfair to all of us who are dragging hoses and watching our rain gauges on a daily basis.

This is a squash seedling that's about 2 weeks old. It's a Summer Squash Sunny Delight Hybrid that I got from Burpee. I never tried a scallop-type squash before so I'm excited to see how they differ from the crook neck that I usually grow.


  1. ~~ Melissa said...
    I think you're onto something. We've been having unusual rain too and seeds are just sprouting up all over the place (mainly due to not thoroughly composted compost I distributed). This never happens. It's so easy. I think rainy region gardeners have been pulling the wool over our eyes all these years! lol.
    Anthony said...
    You mean that I may have accidently uncovered a Great Gardening Conspiracy? Sounds exciting! :)

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