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You Are Not A Farmer!

When I found a box of leftover seed packets in the garage I got excited. Not only would I be able to plant some things that I had forgotten all about but I could take one of those pictures that are pretty popular with Garden Bloggers. You’ve probably seen one before, where a plant shipment box is carefully opened or the old lay the seeds out on a table shot. I obviously decided to go with the seed packet picture as my plant shipments haven’t arrived yet.

Feeling great pride that I was not only a dedicated gardener but I was also getting my feet wet in the world of Garden Blogging, I called my wife to watch the photo shoot. Sure I was laying the seeds out myself and I was taking the picture with my little camera but in my mind I was feeling like Paul James – The Gardener Guy on HGTV. She didn’t see it that way.

"Did you buy all these seeds? You are not a farmer!"



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