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Growing Garden Greens

Looking good garden greens! I think there's going to be some delicious salads in my future.

By the way, all the white flowers pedals all over my raised beds are from my apple tree. They blow all over the garden every spring. It's really a shame that I have this great old 30 foot apple tree that produces apples that are so pest ridden that I just put them right in the compost bin. I just don't have the free time to organically care for this tree and I definitely will not spray anything on it.


  1. Ed Bruske said...
    Nice job! And no weeds in sight. How did that happen?
    Anthony said...
    Hi Ed,
    Must be trick photography. :)
    Red Icculus said...
    Those are HUGE for this early in the season. Or you are in a more southerly latitude than I am.
    Anonymous said...
    Is that Black Seeded Simpson in the top pic? Do you harvest just outer leaves or do you ever harvest a mature plant? I'm learning, thanks.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Red,
    Yes, I got an early start by growing from seeds under lights in my basement and then putting them out early under a hoop house.

    Hi Paul,
    Yes & yes. Just cut the leaves from the outside so that the plant keeps growing and you can keep having salad. :)
    E. Kingsman said...
    Those look fantastic! Nice job

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