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2009 Tomatoes

As usual I plan on growing lots of tomato plants in my vegetable garden this year. And also as usual, I’m late to start my tomato seeds. So since I haven’t even placed a seed order yet this season, I’m only going to grow tomatoes from the seed that I already have.

After going through my seed stash, this is the list of tomatoes that I decided that I’m growing this year:

  • Mortgage Lifter
  • Black Krim
  • Brandywine
  • San Marzano
  • Bush Early Girl
  • Super Steak Hybrid
  • Big Mama
  • Little Mama
  • Sun Gold
  • Tomande Hybrid
  • Brandy Boy Hybrid
If I have time, I also want to try out two tomato related projects. Number one is a self watering container made from a Rubbermaid storage container and the other is a homemade upside down tomato container. I’ve seen those Earthboxes and those Topsy Turvy upside down tomato things available in stores but I think I can get the same results by using some of the junk that I have in my garage. More on this later in the season.


  1. Sande said...
    Hope you post progress on your homemade containers - those store bought ones surely are expensive. I'm experimenting with a few things like that this year too.
    Your tomato list sounds like lots of good stuff.
    Ed Bruske said...
    I've grown Mortgage Lifter and Brandywine and from my experience Cherokee Purple is far superior to either as an eating tomato and a more resilient plant in the garden. Also note: you can now get a more resistant variety of Mortgage Lifter at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, although the fruits are said to be a bit smaller. Otherwise, Mortgage Lifter is highly susceptible to the usual tomato infections.
    Chiot's Run said...
    How exciting. I'm hoping to grow a bunch of tomatoes as well this year (I think I have 25 started). Needless to say I'm only growing 1 plant of many of them.
    Angel said...
    I'm trying 5gallon buckets converted into self-watering containers this year, with a couple 3.5g for smaller pepper plants. I'm keeping the containers smaller than a rubbermaid tub so I can move it about the yard during the day. So far the plants are loving it! Good luck with yours!

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