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2009 Peppers

I had a really productive seed starting week. Not only did I get all of my tomatoes started, but I also got my peppers started too:

  • Poblano
  • Thai Dragon
  • California Wonder
  • Jalapeno M
  • Jalapeno False Alarm
  • Giant Marconi Hybrid
  • Corno di Toro
  • Hot Lemon
  • Habanero
  • Caribbean Red
And this year I plan on getting a real smoker for when I try to make chipotle and ancho peppers. Last year was a disaster when I turned perfectly good peppers into dust by drying them out in my dehydrator and then trying to smoke them on my chimenea. The flames were shooting out of the top of the chimenea like a jet engine and within a minute there was nothing left of my poblano and jalapeno peppers but black powder. Definitely not one of my finer moments.


  1. Red Icculus said...
    The jalapeno "false alarm" intrigues me. Last year, I did "Delicias" variety, which had all the flavor, but none of the heat. This year, I am doing "Dulce", which is similar, but easier to grow.
    Anthony said...
    Delicias and Dulce now intrigue me. Sounds like something I should check out.
    lisa said...
    Heh, maybe not a fine moment but maybe something to grin about later :) My pepper seeds aren't doing much yet, but I have hope.

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