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Ornamental Grass Care

Ornamental Grass CareEarly spring is a busy time of the year for most gardeners. You're trying to start seeds, cleaning up leftover leaves in the yard and just generally getting ready to start growing stuff. One of the spring chores that is kind of fun is trimming the ornamental grasses.

It's important to trim ornamental grasses to get ready for the new growth. Plus they also look a lot better with a crew cut as opposed to the crazy long brown 'do of the winter.

My only advice for doing this is to use a sharp tool and wear gloves. Ornamental grass can wreck havoc on dry chapped winter hands.

And here's a video from TheCompostBin archive about how to trim your grasses. I made this last year and it's amazing to see how much the plant has grown since then. If I get growth like that again I may split the grass to make two plants out of one. And I may even make a video of it.

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  1. Joe said...
    I just took down a pampas grass. Even though I trimmed it back last year, I still needed an ax to get through the stalks.
    Oy. I don't think I'll put one of those back in.

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