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First Bloom

Here's my first bloom of 2009. Happy Spring!


  1. Anonymous said...
    what kind of plant is that?
    Anthony said...
    Mommy Cracked said...
    A welcome sign of spring! Great pic!
    Chris G. said...
    Hello ... I chanced upon your blog by googling homemade compost bins. I am currently experimenting on making compost by using an old plastic garbage bin, cut in half, then drilled holes onto the sides. looking at your compost pictures, i realize i will need a bigger bin from all the grass clippings and leaves i will be getting soon this season. Great blog! Will definitely visit and see what you got new here :)
    Anthony said...
    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for visiting. Congratulations on starting your own compost. You'll probably find that 1/2 a garbage can won't cut it after a while so you'll probably want to upgrade to a bigger bin. But starting small is a great way to learn. Good luck.

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