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Strawberry Plants

Here's some shots of my strawberry plants trying to take over an entire 4'x4' raised bed. I was hoping that they would do exactly that so I very happy to see the plants sending out tons of runners. I guess they liked the compost rich soil that I planted them in.

You can never have enough strawberries.

strawberry plants
strawberry runners


  1. Leora said...
    My strawberry plants are currently growing like weeds. I don't really care if they take over the lawn, where my kids play, but I needed to put some mulch/compost on top of them near the fence to steal back some space so I can put my tomatoes there next year.

    We had a bumper crop of strawberries this past spring. It was wonderful!
    Susy said...
    Mine are doing the same thing. I have 2, 4x10 raised beds and they've taken over those and are trying to take over the lawn around them. I'm thinking of putting little pots under the runners that are creeping out of the bed and giving the plants away to friends.
    Matthew McCarrell said...
    Be careful with giving away strawberry plants. If they come from a named variety they are likely patented. It would be technically illegal to propagate them until the patent ran our.
    Parsec said...
    Awesome...I bet the berries are delicious. Did you get a good harvest this year?

    I don't have any regular strawberries. I only a have a few alpine strawberry plants. They produce little berries about 1/4 the size of a regular strawberry. Their flavor, however, is superior. Tasting an alpine strawberries conjures up images of pineapple, honey, of course strawberry, and maybe a really good perfume.

    Have you ever grown alpine strawberries?

    If not, try some next year!
    Anthony said...
    Hi Leora,
    Congrats on the bumper crop. That's what I'm hoping for eventually.

    Hi Susy,
    I like the flower pot idea for the runners. Maybe I'll try that too.

    Hi Matthew,
    Oh, maybe I won't be trying that then. Thanks for the info.

    Hi parsec,
    Despite sharing the harvest with squirrels and my kids, I did manage to get a nice bunch of strawberries.

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