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NatureMill Composter

Hey does anyone have one of these things? Being a big fan of compost and gadgets, it looks like it's right up my alley. It's priced way too high but it's still looks pretty cool in an AeroGarden sort of way.

Please leave a comment if you have any experience with the NatureMill Automatic Composter


  1. adekun said...
    I saw something similar in kitchen here in Japan. I thought it a laugh as it was plumbed into the mains with it's 'Eco' stickers.
    However, the guy says it uses 10W of power. I should have to watch it again to figure out what that really means, but I'd probably wet myself if I hear them say compost again.
    Anthony said...
    Hi adekun,
    Yes, we wouldn't want you to wet yourself. :) Plumbing something like this into the water line or even a garbage disposal would be a great idea.
    Susy said...
    It's sort of funny and sad. Isn't composting supposed to a great environmentally friendly thing. Companies can figure out how to make something that uses energy to do something that nature does on it's own for free . I think a vermicomposter in the basement would be a better/greener/cheaper option. (I don't even want to think about the environmental costs of manufacturing, shipping, using) This is a perfect example of "greenwashing".
    Anthony said...
    Hi Susy,
    I agree with everything you said but I also disagree. How many regular people out there are going to actually set up and maintain a worm bin?

    This is all about convenience. You dump your waste in there and in weeks (not months) you can throw it in your yard. Definitely something that everyone could add to their routine.

    I hate the fact that it's so expensive but I wouldn't call it "greenwashing".
    OsmoJoe said...
    Wow...that machine is really cool!

    P.S. How big can a compost pile be (maximum size)?
    Anthony said...
    Optimum size for a home compost bin is a 4 foot cube. Sometimes I'll do a 8'x6'x5' bin with the fall leaves but it's much more of a chore to turn the contents.

    You can definitely go a lot bigger but at some point there's new challenges added to the mix. Some giant commercial compost facilities have had compost get so hot that they actually catch on fire and burn for weeks.

    I think I see what you're thinking about and I'd love to own a device like this but with the capacity of a few garbage cans. Keep the thing outside the house and never worry about garbage pickup again.

    Are you going to invent something like this? If so, I'll be your first customer. :)
    OsmoJoe said...
    Haha...great idea! I'll put you on the pre-order list.


    Daisy said...
    If speed is of the essence, composting may not be for you. I like the science of the aero-machine, but the price, as you say, is too high. I prefer my large black bin (helps generate solar heat) made from recycled plastics ($35). I gather organic materials in it all summer, stir it once in a while, and in the spring it's ready to spread in the garden. Works for me!
    Carol said...
    Anthony, You should write the company and tell them about your compost blog, the best compost blog on the 'net, and see if they will send you a unit to try out and review for them. They couldn't buy better publicity than a great review from The Compost Bin!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens
    Kate said...
    We got a NatureMill composter a few months ago, and it's been a challenge. We did a ton of research before we got it and everyone said that it was so easy to use, but we can't seem to get the ratios right or something. I still maintain that it's a cool product. It really does make compost superfast--in just a few days! We plan to contact the company for some guidance, especially after spending all that money. In the meantime we've still got our two Earth Machine composters going strong behind the garage.
    Anonymous said...
    I bought the cheaper unit. The concept is great. This unit is compact. Not everbody has the luury of a basement or yard to set up a bin. I can not notice any significant change in my electric bill. The actual product is poorly built. I have had to repair it twice and even had to have a new machine shipped. The latch mechanism at least on the cheaper model always needs to be coaxed to open to empty the contents. New materials are essentially composted within days. Getting ratio of brown to green is tricky. Had it under my sink to begin with but there is no predicting how much fluid it will produce i.e. it can get pretty messy under the sink. If you are mechanically inclined and want compost quickly I would say it's worth a try. Don't expect it to function like their video.
    Sergey said...
    Feel free to use this NatureMill coupon code if you decide to buy it: CXMZ83

    It will save you $30
    Mark97 said...
    We have one at work! It is VERY cool. I mean, you toss a sandwitch in there one day, and the next day it's like dirt already. We have not had any mechanical or odor issues, and we are in a small office with lots of particular people so I think we would have heard if something went wrong. Great job NatureMill! I am planning to get one for my home.

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