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Growing Tomatoes

tomato plantsGo, Tomatoes go! If you're going to start tomato seeds indoors, I really can't recommend the APS-24 Self Watering seed trays enough.

This year I didn't buy any new tomato seeds and just used leftovers from previous years which I keep in a box in the garage. And look at the germination that I get with these trays. 23 out of 24 have sprouted and I still have hope for that last guy.

You may think these sprouts are pretty small for April and you're right. I like to plant outside when all possible chances of frost are gone and that usually means June 1st. Our last frost date is mid May but I give it an extra two weeks just to be safe. I don't trust myself to get my plants covered in case of a late frost so that's why I like to wait until my rhododendrons flower before I move my tomatoes outside. So according to that schedule, these tiny seedlings are right on track.

This year's tomato selection:

  • San Marzano

  • Black Krim

  • Brandywine

  • Brandy Boy

  • Little Mama

  • Big Mama

  • Supersteak

  • Mortgage Lifter

I usually get my first tomatoes (and first tomato sandwich) sometime around the end of July and that's fine with me. Good luck with your tomatoes this year.


  1. Kristy "Greenthumb" Guthrie said...
    Wow. Will you plant all of those or just some?
    Julie said...
    Is it hard to get the seedlings out? I tried something with a similar self-watering system this year, then found that I couldn't get the plants out without damaging the roots, the plastic container, or both. Even worse if the seedling right next to it is one you don't want to transplant yet.
    phyllis said...
    Now those are some nice seedlings!
    Sue Swift said...
    Wow - I thought I'd missed out this year as i hadn't got round to indoor planting earlier. Perhaps I'll just get going now.
    Marc said...
    Thats great Anthony - you've got a good selection there. Using leftover seed from previous years work well. I used two and three year old seed this year and planted 3 seeds in each cell just to be sure. Would you believe that in almost every case, I got 3 sprouts in each cell? I could have saved more for next year!

    Good luck with the tomatoes and the rest of the garden. Are you going to grow poblanos again?
    Anthony said...
    Yes, I'll plant all of them. Plus the Mortgage Lifters are in another seed tray. Now I just have to find room for about 30 plants.

    These seed trays don't have a bottom. They just sit on top of a capillary mat and that's how they self water themselves. It's pretty easy to pop out the soil cubes thanks to this design.


    Go for it. With this crazy weather lately, in the last few seasons I've still been picking tomatoes in September and October. Plus I don't think tomatoes (and peppers) don't grow much until the soil heats up.

    Yes, last year sold me on the poblanos. I altered my homemade salsa recipe to include them, and I think they add a nice smoky flavor. Yum!

    From now on, less hot peppers and more poblanos in the garden. Although I'm still growing a few Thai Dragons and some Red Caribbeans. Gotta love the heat!

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