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Earth Day 2008

20 yards of mulch
This year, to celebrate Earth Day, I ordered a big pile of Earth and had it dumped in my driveway.

What...? Isn't that what your supposed to do?


  1. Mrs. J. said...
    Excellent initiative :)
    Kristy "Greenthumb" Guthrie said...
    Wow...that's one huge pile of earth. Nice work!
    Jenna said...
    Sounds like a plan to me.
    Anonymous said...
    Anthony, I am sooo glad I found your blog today! I live in NJ also and spent a good deal of time today running around trying to find a compost bin for my garden. The folks in the big box stores just stared at me blankly, and our local ag store said they no longer carry them since they hardly sell any. WOW! And I thought everyone was on the organic gardening bandwagon! Thanks for your great info - I may have what I need on hand already to make my own after all!
    Ki said...
    Good grief Anthony, still not enough compost? ;)

    I went and got some compost this weekend from the city environmental center and overfilled the van. Broke a shock so even if I got the compost for free it will now cost me some bucks to get the car fixed. Nothing in life is free.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Ki,
    That's actually mulch. I'm okay in the compost department. My wife likes when the yard looks neat and I can't think of a better way to make it look neat than some nice fresh mulch on my border beds and garden.

    Hello Bizymom3,
    Don't you just hate how those big box employees really don't care if they're helpful?

    Good luck with your composting project.
    OsmoJoe said...
    Haha...I love your caption!
    lisa said...
    LOL...great job celebrating!

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