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Starting Seeds

I'm cutting way back on my seed orders this year. There I said it. No, I'm not quitting gardening or anything, but I have a bunch of seeds leftover from previous years and I decided to use them before I buy more seeds.

I order way too many seeds every year. In the winter it's easy to over estimate the amount of free time that I'll have to start all of these seeds and I just order away.

My usual order fills my basement with seedlings in late winter and I barely manage to start half of the seeds that I buy. So this year I figured I should check out my seed stockpile to see what I already have. And I found out that I already have everything that I need. Tomatoes, check, peppers, check, root crops, check, annuals, check, perennials, check. Why I even have 5 pounds of blue potatoes leftover from last year's harvest that are full of sprouting eyes. I don't need to buy anything.

Now, you're probably saying what about those new seeds from Seeds of Change that I've been blogging about lately. Well I bought them with a gift card that my sister gave me so they don't count.

And the best part of not buying new seeds this year is that I can spend the money on something that the whole family will enjoy. A few more hydrangeas for underneath the dogwood would be nice and some ornamental grass would look good around the pool and ...


  1. Sue Swift said...
    I wish I had your will-power!
    Anthony said...
    Hi Sue,
    Thanks. We'll see how long I last. :)
    Ki said...
    Jeez Anthony, you sure you're cutting back?
    lisa said...
    Heh...yea, that's where MY "leftover" money goes, too. ;-)

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