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Gardening In October

According to my min/max thermometer, it hasn't gone below 42 degress yet here in my northern New Jersey yard. And if the 10-Day forecast is close to being right, it doesn't look like we'll get a real frost until late October. So I'm pleasantly surprised by the really late season harvest that I have been enjoying lately.

This weekend, I plan on frying up a mother load of eggplant. I just checked the garden and there's tons of them just sitting there, waiting to be turned into eggplant parmesan. Not bad for October.

It's odd because the leaves on the trees started changing colors and falling in late August this year, I was sure we were going to get an early frost. Last year, we had 70 degree weather in January and all my bulbs came up early. What do you think, mild winter again or is mother nature just toying with us?


  1. Bare Bones Gardener said...
    Just when you think you have her figured out, she has a way of throwing curveballs at you....
    Katie said...
    She's telling us we better start behaving or else!
    Ki said...
    We were down to 41.6f. There was frost on the rooftops but nothing on the ground so everything survived even the most tender plants. At this rate, we may go through all of Oct. before seeing a killing frost. We sure could use some rain though.
    Anthony said...
    BBG, with the weather lately, I'd say she's throwing some knuckleballs too. :)

    Katie, Yes, I saw that on an old margarine commercial. :)

    Ki, really you need rain? We're just fine up here in Bergen County. Where are you?
    kellypea said...
    Hmmm...I used to make an eggplant stack with goat's cheese, tomatoes, tapenade and basil that I stole from Wolfgang Puck. It was to completely die for...That eggplant's a total beauty.

    Frost? Rain? Sheesh. Everything in SoCal is burning to the ground right now. I'm sick of it.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Kelly, Yum that does sound amazing.

    Stay safe out there!
    Ki said...
    Mercer county, but we got a lot of rain this weekend so all's well now.
    I guess this was a good year for eggplant because they were selling it at the farmer's market for 3 for a $1.00. We made a lot of baba ganoush.

    Should be a mild winter with La Nina starting up.
    Ottawa Gardener said...
    I ate my last eggplant Monday before frost's big teeth bit my plants. Welcome back fall.

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