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El Nino or Global Warming?

I took this picture of daffodils sprouting just last week. Who could blame them? It's been a very warm winter. In fact it was 70 degrees here in NJ just a few weeks ago. I'm sure the daffodils got tired of sitting around underground waiting for spring. Why not come up?

You fools! It's 19 degrees out right now! What have you done?

So is this crazy weather because of the El Nino weather pattern that we're in or is this our new globally warmed "normal". Maybe it's a little of both.


  1. daharja said...
    It's climate change. And it's crazy. We've had everything from droughts to snow in the middle of summer down here in Australia (yes, really!), and yet our stupid government keeps insisting its just 'drought' and hinting that we can all go back to normal in a few months time.

    Anthony said...
    daharja, unfortunately I agree with you. Climate change is here. I also agree with the "sigh".

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