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What's Decomposing - Pumpkins

The 75 pound pumpkin that I grew this year is decomposing nicely in the compost bin. When I first tossed it into the bin, I debated whether or not I should smash it up into little pieces. I decided not to and just placed my pumpkins in the compost bin like eggs in a nest.

After about 2 months, they have all turned to mush. Hopefully the birds and squirrels will dig out all the seeds so that I don't have volunteer pumpkins where ever I use the compost.


  1. Marc said...
    I DO like pictures of decomposing compost. Thank you for adding the links to your related past posts, as I had some catching up to do. I'm glad to see that your compost IS still decomposing. Mine is freezing up a bit.

    I always enjoy your posts and have you linked on my blog. Keep up the good work. I am really looking forward to the upcoming garden season!
    Anthony said...
    Thanks for the kind words Marc. And who doesn't love pictures of things decomposing? I feel like I'm providing an important service. :)

    Actually, my bins are freezing up too. Night time lows are in teens this past week and just we had our first snow flurries here in NJ.

    I'm looking forward and also counting down the days until spring.
    Christy said...
    I love compost too. Every year I haul out my dozen or so pumpkins, to the compost bin. I then take a old dull axe and go crazy chopping them into pieces(it's quite a site, some of my neighbors watch for this annual occurrence right after Halloween). The chopping not only gets rid of some aggression, but shortly after, the compost pile comes alive with birds and animals hijacking the seeds. The only think left is the pumpkin flesh for the pile. Thanks for the post on my site.
    multiveg said...
    I didn't bother chopping the pumpkins up - am surprised how well they are decomposing whole.

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