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Glowing Tomato

This isn't really gardening related but with all the tomato talk in the Garden Blogosphere at this time of year, I'm sure someone will find this interesting.

DIYLife has posted an article on how to make a glowing tomato.

The mad scientist in me finds this pretty amusing and the first thing I thought about after seeing it was could I do it with a watermelon? :)


  1. Colleen said...
    LOL Okay. I want to try this. I especially liked this bit of advice from the article:

    "You might be thinking to yourself, "but if I eat the glowing tomato, I'll glow, which will make me cooler!" No. You are wrong. If you eat the tomato you will die, and that's not cool."

    Ha ha. This would actually make pumpkins look really cool for Halloween, but I'm guessing the rind is too thick for that. Halloween tomatoes, maybe? ;-)
    Anthony said...
    Probably take a LOT of matches to do a pumpkin. I do like the way you think though. :)

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