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Magic Strawberries

I don't know if you've ever heard of this variety before, but I have what's known as Magic Strawberries.

I bought them as seedlings and they grew into these healthy strong plants that send out lots of runners and flower all the time. The flowers turn into beautiful looking small green strawberries and then, this is the magic part, they disappear never to be seen again.

On the plant label it says:

"Magic Strawberries are guaranteed to get you anxious to eat delicious, home grown, ripe strawberries but then, through a unique and patented process, the green strawberries just disapear. Great gift for gardeners who like practical jokes."

I think that patented process has something to do with these hungry little guys.

Oh well, when all else fails, there are always U-Pick Strawberry Farms that aren't too far away. Their strawberries are always ripe, delicious and magic free.


  1. Annie in Austin said...
    But they're also closed for the year, Anthony! Maybe you should start building a berry house out of hardware cloth now, for next year?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    Anthony said...
    Annie, Yes, that's a great idea that I probably don't have the time to do. Too many projects going on around the house already. :(
    Colleen said...
    Ah...so that's the variety of strawberry I have! I see lots of little green berries, but never any red fruit. Thanks for solving that for me ;-)
    Marc said...
    Thats a pretty funny spin on why your not getting strawberries. This year I had some magic strawberries too, and magic peaches and even magic broccoli!

    Those berries from the U-Pick shure look good though!
    lisa said...
    Hilarious! I don't know if it's majic or voodoo, but I have a very "majical" garden in many areas!

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