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Compost Tumbler Tumbling

Google has just announced a cool new sandbox type of place where Blogger.com bloggers can try out new features before they're ready for primetime. It's called Blogger In Draft and it's sort of a beta, laboratory type of environment. And the first new feature that they're testing out is video upload. I don't know about you but when I think of uploading video the first thing that comes to my mind is compost.

What better way to test out this new video feature than to post a short video of my parent's Compost Tumbler. With regular images it's hard to capture the true beauty of making compost. Now with this new Blogger In Draft feature I can post a tumbling tumbler video all from within Blogger. No more uploading to YouTube or Google Video and then adding the codes to the blog posts. Everything's all in one place now.

Yes my Mom and Dad are turning into quite the green parents. In fact my father is planning on installing a 40 foot, 2KW wind turbine at his house in CT this summer. And raising the tower will definitely make for an excellent video too.

I'll be sure to provide windmill updates this summer but this video is of an Urban Compost Tumbler after I gave it a good spin.


  1. Anthony said...
    Well now I see what they mean by not ready for primetime. :)

    The video isn't working right now but I'll try back later and see if it's any better.
    Humpty Dumpty House said...
    Still not working.

    I got quite excited to see the video and then quite disappointed that the application is broken. I know that I will now check this post several times over the weekend. What does that say about me and my relationship to compost? ;)
    Anthony said...
    This Blogger In Draft Video Feature seems to only work sometimes. Oh well, I guess next time I'll link to YouTube or something.
    steven said...
    It worked for me yesterday, but such is the lot of the early adopter.
    lisa said...
    It's working for me-very exciting composter action indeed! ;-)
    Matt said...
    Very, nice. I think this is a great compost tumbler. I have one myself.

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