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Confused Pansy

Just a few weeks ago, my pansies were blooming. This morning I woke up to a dusting of snow. January started out with weather in the 60ies and we even hit 70 degrees here in NJ. Tonight it's 22 degrees.

Whether it's El Nino or global warming or something else, the weather really has become unpredictable.


  1. Ottawa Gardener said...
    Funny I made a similar post weeks back. First week of January in Ottawa, ther was no snow. That might not be terribly remarkable in other climes, but here it was very news worthy. So much so that the winter carnival we have each year (winterlude) had to make other arrangments for venues as it is usually held on frozen cannal.
    Petunia's Gardener said...
    Has that wet cat look about him! But, he'll be back to his old self with just a little warming.
    Anthony said...
    Ottawa, I think we're definitely going to continue to have "interesting" from now on. Interesting is the new normal.

    Petunia's, this picture was taken before the cold wave came in. Right now that pansy is pushing up daisies.

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