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What's Decomposing - Leaves

Leaves, leaves and more leaves!

Since my lengthy pool renovation destroyed my yard, I am in desparate need of compost & top soil. The Bobcat and Backhoe scooped and dug all over the place until I didn't have any top soil left. The "dirt" that was left was similiar to concrete. Just rock hard and you really couldn't even get a shovel into it.

I already had 30 yards of top soil blown in (with grass seed mixed in) just to grow some sort of lawn before all the rain and snow this winter created mudslides into my driveway. Now I just have to get started on my new garden border beds. And what better way to improve soil that with compost.

I have two of these temporary compost bins in my yard right now and they're both filled to the top with leaves. Each bin is about 4'x8' and 4' tall. That should be a good start. Now I'm going to need lots of greens to get these piles cooking. I'd better start drinking more coffee. 48 cups a day should be enough.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    A gardener can never find enough to compost it seems! Like you said, a good start.

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