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Pool Update - Going Backwards

Well, I thought we were getting closer to actually taking a swim in the pool but I was wrong. As you can see in this photo, the pool liner went in and they filled the pool up with water.

Those are usually signs of progress during a pool rennovation but not in my pool. The fiberglass pool walls are so old and beat up that they are bending and will probably cave in. They're in such bad shape that the pool guy had us sign a waiver that pretty much said that if the pool collaspes after they leave, then they are not responsible. Gee, you think you could have mentioned that when we were waiting over 2 months for the pool liner to come in.

If you look closely at the pictures, you'll see that the tile pattern on the liner totally stretched out and really looks bad. This is the view I would see from my living room everytime I walked by.

So once again we are biting the bullet and having these walls ripped out and putting in steel walls in that come with a "guarantee for life". We invested a lot of money into the dry stacked stone retaining walls and eventually the bullnose stone pool coping and tumbled paver pool deck that go in once the pool work is done, so we don't want to have to tear it all up in a few years when these walls collapse or puncture the liner.

This last picture is of the pool from last night. They have dug it out once again and ripped out the fiberglass walls. All we're left with is a concrete pool floor. It looks more like a skateboard park than a pool at this point.

Today a truck is delivering the steel for my new steel walls and Monday they should be backfilling with concrete. At least the pool guys haven't disappeared again. It's funny how they show up when you pay them more.

When I ask the pool guy when I'll be swimming again, he response is "two weeks." Hmmm, where have I heard that before?


  1. ~~ Melissa said...
    oh my goodness...you are certainly being tested with this project.

    Will you be able to reuse the liner?

    We had the world's most finicky inground pool until a year ago. Hopefully yours is having all its growing pains now.

    I laughed at the 'two weeks' because I used to have a boss who would say that all the time in response to timeline questions and it was always the furthest thing from the truth.
    Anthony said...
    The pool guy is actually eating the cost of the original liner and we're splitting the cost of the new one. So I don't mind that it's being thrown in a dumpster. I guess when you write a big check for new steel walls, there's more room for negotiation.

    But yes, this is definitely some kind of test. A test that I never want to take again. :)

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