We've Moved

Baby Ducks in the Pool

Okay, now this is getting ridiculous. Somehow my yard has become a hotel for ducks.

As long as they stay out of my garden, I'm okay with my new tenants. It's the woodchuck that has to go.


  1. SNJGardener said...
    But I have always heard that if you have a slug problem...get a duck.

    Colleen said...

    Sorry, it had to be said :-)

    Your yard is officially Wild Kingdom. Seriously. Now all you need is for the turkeys to start showing up again!
    JGH said...
    We have some that nest in our school courtyard - they come back year after year! They're cute and eventually they lose their fear of the kids and mingle around them.

    Sadly, we think there might not be enough food in our little habitat to sustain 12 duckings and we've had some expire. Maybe I do need to bring one home since I have a major slug problem!
    Blackswamp_Girl said...
    Awwww.... they're sooo cute! :)

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