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Starting Seeds

starting seedsSeed starting season has finally begun. Despite wanting to start seeds for the past two or three weeks, I didn't get around to actually doing it until this weekend.

Now that I've cleared an area in my basement, dug the shelves out from under a pile of junk in my garage, set up the lights, the extension cords, the timer and cleaned the APS-24 Self Watering Seed Starting Trays that I love to start seeds with, the rest of this process should be a cake walk. Really it's no big deal to stick a seed in some soil and water it. For me the hard part is organizing all of my junk.

Right now I've got one tray worth of seeds under the lights and soon more will follow. That one tray is full of mesclun greens and arugula. And surprisingly enough, they've already started to sprout even though I only planted them on Sunday.

The next garden project on my to do list is to build a mini hoop house over one of my raised beds. Then in a few weeks when these seedlings are strong I'm going to transplant them outside. By March it should be warm enough, with the aid of the hoop house for these green to grow.


  1. Chiot's Run said...
    I did a mini hoop house on one of my raised beds and I just harvested from spinach from it. It's is a great tool for us cold weather gardeners.
    sarah k. said...
    I've never started seeds indoors before, but I want to try this year. However, my basement is in the 50s still. Do I need a greenhouse down there? Or do the grow lights generate any heat?
    Angel said...
    What type of lights are those? I was using normal shop lights last year (my first year) and could not get them to not be so leggy. This year I forked out some $$ for T5 lights. Amazing difference. I think my hot peppers stand a good chance this year.
    Parsec said...
    That's a cool setup! I love arugula; I hope it grows well for you.

    I have never really bothered with starting seeds under lights...I usually plant seeds directly in their containers or in the ground. Right now, there's a crop of Flanders poppies coming up - can't wait to see them bloom!
    Anthony said...
    Hi Chiot's Run,
    That's awesome. I'm jealous.

    Hi Sarah,
    You might need one of those plastic covers for the shelves. Or those heat mats for seed starting are good for about 10 degrees too. The lights really don't throw off much heat.

    Hi Angel,
    I use full spectrum lights and that's fine for just starting seeds. I have an old post about my seed starting lights

    Hi Parsec,
    Yes, arugula is great in salads and I also love it on a roast beef sandwich with provolone and horse radish. Yum!

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