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Composting The Inauguration

Just thought I'd share some of the composting news of the day.

  1. Horse manure from the Inauguration Day Parade will be scooped up and sent to local farms for composting
  2. The House of Representative receptions are using biodegradable containers, plates & utensils, that are made from corn and all food scraps and containers will be composted
  3. Leftovers from today's inaugural events will be composted at a small farm in Maryland


  1. Red Icculus said...
    And most of what comes out of politicians mouths should be composted too!
    Annie in Austin said...
    Thanks, Anthony. Small steps count when they're headed in the right direction.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    ConsciousGardener said...
    Wow that is awesome! Imagine if everyone just picked up one new conscious habit!
    Anthony said...
    I like the way you guys think!
    Leatherdykeuk said...
    Quick question, please --

    Can I compost cooked vegetables? It said no on the council leaflet but I read someone yesterday that did.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Leather,

    Sure no problem. Lots of people compost cooked vegetables.
    Leatherdykeuk said...
    Thanks Anthony - good to know.

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