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Lots of people come to my site looking for Compost Pictures. Maybe they've heard good things about compost but don't really know much about it or they just want to see what it looks like before deciding if they want to give composting a try. Well whatever the reason, I'm glad that they're coming to my website.

To make things easier for the beginner composter, I've made a quick slideshow/movie of my compost bins over the past few years. Most of the time it just looks like a big bin of leaves, but during the warmer summer months, with a little attention, it can get darker and more dirt like.

If you're interested in starting a compost bin why not start out with leaves and grass clippings. And throw some used coffee grinds in there sometimes too. By the end of summer, you should be on your way to making great compost.


  1. lisa said...
    Nice demo!
    Mr.Dirty Boots said...
    Nice Montage.

    It always seems like a miracle doesn't it? One day it's a stack of rotting veg, weeds, etc and soon it's the good stuff to make your veggies grow!

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