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Halloween Compost

PumpkinsImage via WikipediaI'd like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and I'd also like to remind you not to throw your pumpkin in the trash tomorrow.

A pumpkin, even though it's orange, is an excellent green for your compost bin.

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  1. Red Icculus said...
    This is a great idea. Maybe offer to take mushy punkins off of people's hands after the holiday?
    Anthony said...
    Great idea Red!
    Anonymous said...
    I like this blog. How many piles do you have? Do you have a chipper/shredder for tree and hedge trimmings? I also have a pile made up mostly live oak leaves, and it takes a long time for thick live oak leaves to break down. I've been actively managing my pile of leaves since March, and the leaves are just now finally starting to break down.
    The Cheap Vegetable Gardener said...
    Just threw my three in the bin today. Given I mulch the lawn and all the leaves on their way I can use all the greens I can
    Daisy said...
    My bin is full, so the pumpkins just went into the garden. They'll fade away and become one with the earth.

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