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Growing Figs

Holy cow, I have figs!

I'm shocked because I only bought the fig tree this season. I guess I'm used to fruit bushes and trees not doing anything for years. My blackberries took three years to produce fruit and my climbing hydrangea is on like it's 5th year without any signs of flowers. The can learn something from this fig tree.

growing figs
fig tree in a pot


  1. Annie in Austin said...
    I'm very jealous, Anthony - my 'Celeste' fig tree decided to grow taller over the summer, but hasn't made a single fig this year.

    Last week I saw a small 'Brown Turkey' fig tree at a nursery, complete with small developing fruit and was very tempted to buy it!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    PS I've seen other blogs where the comments are undated, but is there a reason why the posts themselves are undated? Just wondering.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Annie,
    Yes, this was a brown turkey fig that was an impulse purchase from Lowes. I guess you just get lucky sometimes. :)

    No reasoning behind the undated posts. Just picked this blogger template because I liked the two right columns. Didn't notice the date thing.
    Tabby said...
    I heard that figs *like* to have their roots contained, or at least, fruit better that way.

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