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Compost Update

Compost Bin PictureThe summer will be over in a few weeks and so will my constant supply of greens for the compost bin. Grass clippings, vegetable garden waste and massive amounts of apples from my 30 plus foot apple tree will all be in short supply.

Once the leaves start falling and I start raking, those greens will be long gone. But Autumn means tons of browns. Why do I worry so much about greens and browns you ask? Well to get a compost pile cooking at an optimum rate, you're supposed to add green and brown contents at a ratio of about 1:25 respectively.

Truthfully, I'm not looking to set any World's Fastest Compost records so I just guestimate the amounts and as long as I'm at least at 1:3, the bin will be fine. It'll compost eventually is always my motto.

So the plan is to use my leaf blower with the vacuum attachment to shred like 10 bags worth of leaves and add them to this compost pile that consists of mostly greens. The rest of the leaves will go in another pile as reserve for next season.

Between the shredded leaves and the pile that's mostly grass and apples, it should be cooking in no time. It'll need to be turned a few times and that's never fun but I think I can manage to fit that into the schedule. If not, then see my motto above.


  1. Daisy said...
    Mine is also at about a 1:3 ratio. That is, when I'm counting. If it's too wet and smells, I add dry (brown). If it's not decomposing, I add wet (green). In between, I stir once or twice a week. After the leaves fall, we're done adding to the bin.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Daisy,
    Sounds like we handle our bins pretty much the same. Excellent!

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