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Hosta Pictures

Ahhh yeah, this is Anthony coming at ya from W-H-O-S-T-A and I've got another funky beat for you to get your groove on. This one is called "Hosta Pictures". Check it out baby.


  1. Dee/reddirtramblings said...
    That was really clever. See, you gotta keep blogging. We need some of that groove in the blogosphere.~~Dee
    Colleen said...
    Ha. You're having way too much fun with your new camera :-)

    That was cute! We don't see much video in the garden blogosphere, and we DEFINITELY don't see any that are done with a sense of humor.

    I agree with Dee, of course. But I think I made that pretty clear already :-)
    Katie said...
    hosta porn. Awesome.
    Ottawa Gardener said...
    lisa said...
    That's a good beat that I can dance to! It was almost like a family reunion, I was "Hey, I've seen you before!" and "Wasn't that Christmas Tree? Boy her butt/leaves are getting big!" Fun stuff!

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