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Blackberries Gone Amok

There are blackberry canes popping up all over my garden. Some of these things are about 10 feet away from the raised bed that the plant is in and some are even invading my other beds.

One runner even decided to spring up in the middle of my red onions. That's just not right. Come on, leave a man's red onions alone. Since the main plant is very close to my fence, my neighbor totally must have some in his yard now too. Ooops.

I was going to add, "Build root barrier" to my list of things that I don't have time to do but after some research, I've found out that blackberry runners can go down a meter deep. Yikes!


  1. Anonymous said...
    The blackberries (raspberries too) are bad for that, just as mint are. I found mint growing outside of my herb bed ... almost in our driveway! lol

    Hey, you could dig them up, pot them and sell them at a farmer's market... seriously. Blackberry canes are being sold at walmart, lowe's etc... so why not farmer's markets.
    Chris said...
    I found a cool site over the weekend via lifehacker call Folia It allows you to describe your garden and plantings in great detail.

    Thought I would throw it out there. And no I don't work for the web site, I just happened upon it.
    kellypea said...
    Nothing like reading backwards, right? We used to have blackberry plants at our old house. I have no idea how old the plants were, as the lady we bought the house from lived in it for almost 50 years. But those runners came up everywhere, even in our heavy clay. We loved to pick them and made everything we could think of with them. YUM! And you're right. A man should have rights to a pristine red onion patch. But I'm imagining a salad of sliced red onions, a nice goat's cheese, some blackberries, basil, and a bit 'o' blackberry vinegar...Heaven.

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