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Random Blooms

Just posting a few random blooms today.

red flowering plant
bleeding heart


  1. Kristy "Greenthumb" Guthrie said...
    Those are fabulous!

    I'm sad--my bleeding heart didn't bloom this year. And the clematis has yet to...
    Compost Guy said...
    Wow - nice shots!
    These are from this year?

    Guess you must be a fair bit ahead of us up here in the great white north (aka Southern Ontario). I won't see Clematis blooms until sometime next month. But they should be nice - it is located next to my big outdoor worm bin! :-)

    Anthony said...
    Nothing is sadder than a bleeding heart that never gets to uh... bleed.

    Compost Guy,
    Thanks, yes they're all from last weekend. That Clematis (2nd year) has taken off so well, that I went out and bought 4 more this year. :)
    Anonymous said...
    The clematis looks great, I bought one just like it last month, but it hasn't grown very much. Just a few new leaves so far. When you nought the plant, was it large? Mine was just in a quart pot, so I am expecting some good things next year. This is an awesome plant, I have read that it can live 70+ years.
    Anthony said...
    Yes, mine was a quart pot too. Give it a chance to get established and then it'll reward you for many seasons to come.

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