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Growing Blueberries

blueberry bushOne of the best plant purchases that I've made in the past few years was buying these blueberry bushes. I've had berries every year since buying them except when I had to do an emergency transplant to their current location because of my pool renovation. And since then, they recovered nicely and are very productive once again.

And when blueberry plants flower up like this in the spring, that means that berries are on the way. Sure, we won't be eating them for a few months but just knowing that they're on the way is nice.

When the berries do arrive this summer, I plan on getting my share. My kids are notorious for swooping in and eating all the berries before anyone else gets any. I've found that the best solution to that problem is to plant more berries. My latest totals are 5 blueberry plants, 6 strawberry plants and the blackberries are 6 feet tall and 12 feet wide. I think I should be able to eat a berry or two this year. Wish me luck.


  1. MFJ said...
    What types of blueberries do you have?
    Michaela said...
    That is a beautiful plant. We planted our first blueberry bush yesterday!
    Markate said...
    I'm a backyard gardener in NJ, and I've wanted to plant blueberries for some time. Our property is so overgrown with raspberries, though, that I'll be hard pressed to find a place to put them.

    We, too, are crazy about compost--got an old-fashioned Earth Machine and a new-fangled NatureMill automatic. I'll be checking back frequently, especially since we're growing a lot of the same crops as you are.
    Zut Alors said...
    I'd like to trade in my beans for your blueberries
    Ottawa Gardener said...
    They are beautiful. I have some extremely slow growing blueberry bushes that I am going to transplant to a sunnier location and put my raspberries in the 'back' where they can show off their survival skills.

    Blueberries: ornamental and tasty.
    Anthony said...
    Not sure. I wrote it down somewhere but can't remember where. Definitely two high bush and two low bush, plus I just bought another one.


    Hi, thanks for stopping by neighbor. Good luck with composting.

    Zut Alors,
    Beans for blueberries? No deal, the idea of making a bean turnover or bean pie doesn't appeal to me. :)

    Blueberries hate to be transplanted, be careful. And check the soil PH, maybe that's why they're growing so slow.
    Adekun said...
    Berries along with apples are so expensive here and have been tempted to grow both - just for the sake of pies. I think it's too hot for blueberries? It may just be case of getting a more suitable variety. Raspberries carked it but the young blackberries look good. Helpful to read the tips.

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