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Ornamental Grass

At the end of winter or in early spring, it's a good time to trim your ornamental grass. Cutting away the dried up grass makes room for new growth.

You can trim your ornamental grass with hedge clippers, a very sharp knife or even plain old scissors just like I'm using in this video.


  1. Sue Swift said...
    Hi Anthony,
    There's an award waiting for you on y blog to say thanks for all the useful info. you provide.
    Anthony said...
    Thanks Sue,
    I don't know how useful this video was but, I appreciate the award.
    Valerius said...
    So is dried up ornamental grass a brown or a green? I have a big fat ornamental grass that I hacked down recently (NOT with scissors!), but don't know how to count it in the compost bin. I am not SO sure it matters, seeing as this is only a theoretical compost bin that has not yet been built. 'Course now I know I just need a trash can and a drill and I will be well on my way! :)
    Anthony said...
    Hi Valerius,
    Thanks for stopping by. If your grass is brown and dry looking like mine, then definitely count it as a brown in your theoretical bin. :)
    lisa said...
    Nice! I like my "Chef Tony" scissors from the super-sharp knife set, they work great in the garden. (The knives work well for dividing perennials, too...I have a "dirty set" for outside, not using the same ones I cook with.)

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