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Indoor Fountain

Indoor FountainI've found that my houseplants do a lot better since I got an indoor fountain. During the winter when the heat is on, my house gets pretty dry. And as my house plants have shown me in the past, they don't like it when it's dry.

I've tried using a squirt bottle to mist the plants and was even doing it more that once a day but having a little fountain is a lot easier.

Another benefit is the soothing nature of the fountain. My living room now has a zen like atmosphere that you'd pay big money for a luxury spa. Especially when my kids plug up the spout with gum and water starts shooting all over the house. Now that's relaxing.


  1. Ki said...
    We have a water bowl with floating chimes which ring when the circulating water makes them bump into stationary chimes but I don't think it's as effective as your fountain. I tried squirting water from a bottle to raise the humidity but that was not practical. I bought two cool vapor portable humidifiers and that seems to work pretty well for local applications but certainly not as beautiful as your fountain. We could prob. put in a humidifier in the central heating unit but I'm worried that it could lead to mold issues. Luckily this year has been fairly mild and humid so the indoors have remained quite humid and I haven't had to resort to using the humidifiers.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Ki,
    Our humidifiers smell like Vicks from when the kids get sick otherwise I would use them for the plants too. Glad to hear that you're having success with yours.
    Sue Swift said...
    I've wanted a fountain for ages, and you've just given me the perfect excuse!

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