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iPhone Fun In The Garden

iPhone Garden


  1. jodi said...
    Fun! I don't know when we'll have iPhone service here in Nova Scotia, so I'll just chuckle over your artwork.
    mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...
    I just got my iPhone this week and I use it in the garden to listen to podcasts while doing really boring tasks like weeding. Because my hands are muddy, I've learned to operate the timer feature and such with my nose.
    Carol said...
    Cool. I just got myself an Ipod Touch.
    Anonymous said...
    That is so cool!
    Anthony said...
    I hear that data plans up in Canada would make the iPhone cost like $200+ a month. That's crazy!

    I've been hooked on podcasts for a while now. Although there's not a lot to choose from in the gardening genre. Perhaps a compost video podcast is in my future. Hmmm ...

    I'm envious of your bigger storage in the iPod Touch.

    Katie said...
    Sucks when there's nothing garden-related to post about, huh?
    Anthony said...
    Whoa Katie, do you kiss your Mom with that filthy mouth. :)

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