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Growing Tomatoes

grape tomatoesOh my gosh. How much longer do I have to eat supermarket tomatoes? Is it spring yet?

Oh well, at least in another month I'll have some tomato seedlings growing in my basement.


  1. Marc said...
    Why wait another month Anthony? I'm planting my first "extra-early" tomato plants in cell packs today! I hope to get ripe tomatoes by June 1st this year!

    You are right about supermarket tomatoes - awful compared to garden fresh ones!
    Jen said...
    I totally feel your supermarket tomato pain. Most of the time I don't even bother with supermarket specimens -- they simply don't compare to tomatoes from the garden or farmer's market! I'm certainly looking forward to the first fresh tomatoes of the year!
    Anthony said...
    You're a tomato guru. Good luck this year!

    Yes, bring on spring. Or maybe Marc will have enough to send us a few to hold us over. :)

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