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The Growing Challenge

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm taking part in The Growing Challenge. So the first thing I need to do is pick something that I've never grown before and get some seeds. This isn't a big stretch for me because I start almost all of my vegetables from seed every year. And I also like to try growing things I've never grown before. So it won't really be too different than what I normally do each spring but I'm definitely going to enjoy reading about everyone's adventures growing a new fruit or vegetable from seed.

chioggia beetgerman chamomilebeetberry

I plan on growing Chioggia Beets, German Chamomile and Beetberry. Here's what the catalog says about each:

Chioggia Beets - Cut open the root and get an internal peppermint stick. This is an improved selection that originally came from Italy in the 1800s . A very popular fresh market choice. Light green tops with light red exterior on the roots make this beet very distinctive.

German Chamomile - A delight for your eyes, taste buds, and overall well being. Its fragrant, delicate, miniature, daisy-like flowers dance on lacy foliage. Known to be used medicinally for hundreds of years, the flower buds when dried can make a wonderfully soothing tea calms the nerves, upset stomachs, promote digestion. A companion plant, it can enhance the growth of cucumbers, onions and most other herbs.

Beetberry - A truly unique plant also known as "Strawberry Spinach." Sprawling plants are grown primarily as a nutritious green for salads and braising while the pleasantly sweet but fairly bland berries provide a fun accent to salads. Loves cool weather but also tolerates heat.


  1. steven said...
    Good choice with the Chioggas, they're one of my favorite things to grow.
    Colleen said...
    The Chioggas sound good. I grow 'Detroit Dark Red' every year (yeah, so I'm in a beet rut, okay? :-)

    I'm interested to hear about how the chamomile goes. That's another thing I want to try growing. The kids often make having a cup (or three) of chamomile tea a necessary part of my day ;-)

    I've never heard of beetberry---can't wait to hear your take on it!

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