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Environmentally Friendly Seed Packages

seedsHey the other day when I posted about The Growing Challenge did you notice those funkey seed packages?

At first I thought to myself, what's with these plastic baggies? I couldn't imagine a company that was very into heirloom seeds and organic gardening sending out plastic seeds packages.

But then I read the fine print.

Environmentally Friendly Seed Packages

I like the part about being hermetically sealed and that the seeds will stay fresh for two years if unopened. Sometimes I'm guilty of ordering seeds and then not planting them due to lack of time. I may have stockpiled a seed package or two over the years. And it's nice to know that my stockpile will remain viable if all the seed companies start using seed packs like these.


  1. Colleen said...
    I did notice the seed packets in that post, actually :-) What a great idea. I always end up ordering way more than I need, so I definitely hope more seed companies start using this type of packaging.
    mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...
    I noticed these when I was at the nursery the other day. I was really surprised that Seeds of Change had gone plastic. But they seem convinced that it is the choice of lesser environmental impact. They haven't quite convinced me yet.
    Patrick said...
    To their 4 points I say:

    Do you reuse your seed packets for other seeds? I don't. If you aren't going to reuse your seed packets, there isn't any less waste from reuse. I have no idea how much energy it takes to make a seed packet, but plastic requires the use of fossil fuels. Paper could be made with renewable energy and other resources.

    It's not equivalent to paper in landfill accumulation if you either recycle the paper envelope or compost it. Plastic you can only throw away.

    Plastic does not guarantee freshness of seeds, or even help very much. With a few exceptions, like parsnips, nearly all vegetable seeds will last at least two years anyway if you use a little care in storage.

    Many seed companies use resealable paper envelopes. I don't see the advantage of plastic here.

    I am completely unimpressed with Seeds of Change new seed envelopes, give me a paper envelop any day.
    Anthony said...
    Hi guys,
    Since there's a lot of questions to be answered on this topic, I completely avoided them and wrote another post about these new seed packages.

    It's includes what Seeds of Change has to say about their switch so many of your questions will be answered anyway.
    Anonymous said...
    There is another company that may have a leg up on their packaging. A company called Urban Farmers at www.ufseeds.com actually recycles old magazines and uses the pages to create eco-friendly seed packaging. I buy their seeds myself and I love them.

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