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Compostable Plates

compostable platesThe other day I was wandering around Costco during my lunch break, enjoying a nice buffet of free samples, when I saw something that almost made me drop my Swedish meatball.

These Chinet Plates are marked "Biodegradable in Home Composting". How cool is that?

Paper plates have always been compostable but the good news is the fact that Chinet has decided that composting is now a selling point. Why in a few years, compost may even become fashionable. Who knew that us gardeners were ahead of our time?


  1. Paul and Melanie said...
    Thats really cool, more things like that are needed really. :)
    Katie said...
    Critical mass? I'd say it's getting there. When Julia Roberts talks about compost on Oprah, we're on our way! You can watch your hit count rise with the wave, I'm sure!
    lisa said...
    Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I will absolutely buy these...compostable is even better than burnable, which is what I do with the paper ones.
    Anonymous said...
    I'm glad they said 'home' composting. Sometimes I get the idea that things can be composted but only in an industrial setting.
    PS I love Costco.
    fridrix said...
    it boggles the mind
    do they specify how long it takes
    like nine years
    Anthony said...
    These are just regular paper plates so they shouldn't take too long to compost. Not likes the commercial composting conditions only for the compostable plastic forks.
    Deb said...
    Check it out ~ www.worldcentric.org
    the cutlery has been recently redesigned ~ breaks down in approx 2 years in a home composting system ;) http://www.worldcentric.org/store/cutlery.htm

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