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With very little fanfare, I'd like to announce that I have finally moved this blog to it's own domain. I've been meaning to do it for a long time now but since this is really a hobby blog and not a money maker there really was no big rush. It's just a blog where I talk about compost and gardening and Blogger was just fine for that.

But today, when I was sitting in the dentist's chair getting a root canal, I decided to go for it. I took the whole day off from my 9-5 and the kids were at school and despite dribbling water from my numb mouth all over my keyboard, it went pretty smoothly.

Since I'm using the Custom Domain option for Blogger blogs, Google is automatically redirecting all of my incoming blogspot traffic to the new domain. I didn't have to spend any time setting up 301 redirects or worrying about lost traffic.

The decision really was a no brainer. $10 for the domain, no money spent on hosting, no learning curve for setting up WordPress Blog and really no downsides. Click a few buttons, change a few settings and I'm in business.

Special thanks to Amanda at Blogger Buster for great instructions on How to set up a Blogger Custom Domain with GoDaddy.


  1. jodi said...
    Congrats on having your own domain! I have two, but keep forgetting to get my computer genius son to point my blog to my own domain, or vice versa (I'm a writer, not a web-expert.) I enjoy reading your blog a great deal!
    Jenna said...
    Very nice! We're looking at making the same jump (always good to see the people I read make the jump first!).
    reggieCasual said...
    Congratulations man! It's been great following your journey. I know how important and significant a step this is.
    Anthony said...
    Thanks guys!
    Katie said...
    Woohoo! Welcome to the club - it's so easy as you've illustrated. Even someone under the influence can do it!

    Hope you're feeling better after your dental work...no fun!

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