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Fish Tank Water Is Great For Plants

fish tankYou know what's just as good as compost tea for your plants? Need a hint? Well there's a big hint in the title of this post. Give up? Yes, it's fish tank water.

Fish tank water is a great natural fertilizer. It's loaded with fish poop and it's a scientific fact that plants love poop. Well that's what I heard anyway.

Once every month or so our aquarium needs a water change. About 40 percent of the water is removed along with a lot of the sediment thats sitting there in the gravel. This is done with a tool called a gravel siphon which is just a big plastic tube that you jab in and out of the gravel. This jabbing stirs up the muck that's in the gravel while it siphons out the water. A typical water change for our tank will fill a 5 gallon bucket. I used to pour this water down the drain but now I know better.

In the summertime, this water will go directly into my garden beds or the compost bin. Winter water goes right into the house plants.

Since I started using my fish tank water as a fertilizer, my plant look shiny, healthy and I'm no longer wasting this perfectly good water.


  1. jodi said...
    What a great idea--and it makes perfect sense. Whoda thunkit? Though I use seaweed to kickstart mine, so if I had fish, I mighta thunka it eventually. Or not. I like your blog a lot!
    Anthony said...
    Hi Jodi, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad that I had something to do with all that thunking that you're doing. :)
    karina said...
    we've had some hilarity recently in my family with the gifting of a poorly labeled soda bottle filled with fish tank water... no one drank it, but it was, seriously, comic gold!
    Katie said...
    Such a cool idea! Makes me wish I had fish...
    Anthony said...
    If I have any dirty fish water leftover, I keep the bottle in the garage and not in the fridge. I can only imagine what happened. :)

    Fish are good pets but my kids are bugging me for a dog or cat. A Dog or a cat just isn't going to pull it's weight in the garden. :)
    Anonymous said...
    I have a friend who grew the most amazing elephant ears this year using his fish tank water.

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