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Musa Basjoo

This is the Musa Basjoo (hardy non-fruiting banana plant) that I posted about a lot last year. I don't know why it didn't make my blog in 2007 yet, I didn't lose interest in it or anything. I guess I just never got around to it.

In any event, it's doing great and getting pretty tall even though it's in a pot. To give you an idea of it's size, the pot in the picture has a 24" diameter and the tip of the highest leaf is about 10 feet up.

The added bonus was that there were two pups that grew in the pot with it last year. They got to be about 3 feet each by the end of the season. So I brought all three into my garage to overwinter sometime around late September. It's hardy and would probably live through a New Jersey winter with some heavy mulch and maybe some plastic to keep it dry, but I like to play it safe.

I planted the other two in the ground near my pool to give it a nice tropical look. Each on is about 5 feet tall now.

And you can see that I have another pup growing in the pot again. These things are awesome!


  1. kellypea said...
    I have a non-fruiting banana, too, with varegated leaves (deep burgundy). I love it. I haven't measured it, but know it's really grown quite a bit since I planted it last year. I'm not sure mine is supposed to get to be 10 feet...We'll see.
    OsmoJoe said...
    Your Musa basjoo is amazing! I looked back at your other posts about the plant, and it used to be a leafless little stick! Incredible!

    I have some banana plants too. I have and Abyssinian banana (Ensete ventricosum) and a 'Dwarf Namwah' banana. The Abyssinian is for decoration, but it's huge! When I got it, it was about a foot and a half tall. Now, it's at least five and a half

    I hope all goes well with your newly propagated banana plants!
    Anthony said...
    Hi Kelly & Joe,

    Yes, I've had great luck with my Musa Basjoo and I think it's because I plant them in a mix of Compost and Manure. :)

    Those other varieties sound interesting too. Maybe next year I'll try something new.
    Katie said...
    Wow, this plant looks amazing! No burnt tips, yellow leaves, etc. I would love to grow bananas (fruiting ones), that way I wouldn't have to buy bananas from half way around the world.

    Or maybe I could grow paw paw? Let me know how your paw paw experiment goes!
    Anthony said...
    Hi Katie,

    I wish I could grow bananas too but I heard that you need about 10 months of good weather to get a banana plant to fruit. In New Jersey, that's just not going to happen. :(
    She Who Digs said...
    Hi Anthony, May I ask what kind of soil is the banana planted in and do you feed it with anything? Mine isn't thriving this year, even though it was given well rotted horse manure in spring. We haven't had much of a summer this year though come to think of it!
    lisa said...
    Wow! What a coincidence...I just bought a musa this year myself! I plan to try and get it to overwinter in my zone 4, cuz' this dude in Canada says his survives fine! I'll try a microclimate in front of the house, southern exposure and fairly well protected. We'll see....

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