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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to me and my blog about compost. This is my 200th post and according to my archive, it seems that I've been doing this since August 9th, 2005. Yikes, I must be one of them internet old timers. Back in my day we didn't need blogs, if you wanted to tell everyone what was on your mind you just yelled it out the window. And get off of my lawn you young whipper snappers!

I may not be the most consistent blogger (I would think that after two years, a good blogger would have about 500 posts) but I make up for it by spreading myself as thin as possible and starting new sites all the time. In fact I'm going to use this 200th post to talk about my two latest blogs, PokemonToday and WebkinzToday.

Being a Dad is great if you like keeping up with the latest toys. And who doesn't love toys? I get to learn all about what's interesting to 5 and 3 year olds and Pokemon and Webkinz are definitely interesting to my kids. Sometimes I'll get a call at work from my son that goes something like this:

Son: Daddy, how do I keep my Pikachu from evolving into a Raichu?
Me: Can't you ask Mommy?
Son: Mommy calls them PokeMAN, she can't help me.

I thought to myself, since I have to learn this stuff why not share it on a new blog? And by the way, if you don't want your Pokemon to evolve you need to hold down the "B" button.

So if you want to know the lyrics to the Pokemon Theme Song or need to know how to get to Webkinz World, feel free to check out my new sites. Perhaps 200 post will come a lot quicker on one of these new blogs.


  1. Colleen said...
    Happy anniversary, and congrats on the new blogs! I was grinning at your "she calls them pokeMAN..." statement. My nephew and brother-in-law both went through the pokemon phase a few years ago and I remember them rolling their eyes every time my MIL called them pokeMAN. Sounds like a lot of fun, and that's the great thing about being a parent...part of you never has to grow out of toys at all! How much time do you spend saying "they never had stuff this cool when I was a kid!!" I say it all the time...
    Anthony said...
    Thanks Colleen, I never really grew out of playing with "toys" but now at least I can use the kids as an excuse. I have a feeling that there's some other toy related blogs in my future. :)
    lisa said...
    Happy Anniversary! I can relate about kids keeping us old-timers up-to-date....since my son is 24, now it's "Guitar Hero" videogames, and teaching him how NOT to manage money like me ;-) I'm not sure who's learning more!
    Annie in Austin said...
    Happy Anniversary, Anthony - it's been fun reading your posts! Numbers seem less important than content to me.
    Wow, you do have a lot of blogs on your profile. We had no pokemon here - our decades were filled with Legos, StarWars, Johnny West, Construx, Dungeons & Dragons, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Ghostbusters and Ninja Turtles. Have fun with the kids while they're kids ;-]

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    Anthony said...
    Lisa, my kids are too young for games like Guitar Hero and that's too bad because it looks like something Dad would like to play. :)

    Annie, It's funny that Strawberry Shortcake and Ninja Turtles are popular again now. Even Pokemon is from in the 90ies and is making a big come back.
    Lesley said...
    Believe me, it gets even better when you are a Granny !
    Blackswamp_Girl said...
    Happy Anniversary!!! (Blogaversary?)

    I'm with Annie... content is more important than number of posts. (And if you look at that list of blogs you write in the aggregate, I bet you'll agree that you're amazingly prolific!)
    Anthony said...
    Lesley, I don't know, it might be pretty strange if I became a Granny. Perhaps I should stick to becoming a Grandpa. :)

    Blackswamp_Girl, thanks! Yes, I gave up sleeping a long time ago and replaced it with blogging. :)
    Ki said...
    Hey wonderful. Here's to the next 100. It's been fun reading your posts.

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