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Raised Bed Pictures


  1. Marc said...
    Now those pictures are better. You just teased us with your "Garden Picture" post frow a few days ago since the raised beds were set off in the distance in that photo. (although it showed off your mulch bed nicely)

    You are right that you can barely see the deer fence. And I just spent hours pounding in fence post for a big ugly wire fence to go around my corn! You should have told me sooner.

    What all do you have in the beds? What is the large greenery in the back bed by the fence?

    For this time of year, it all looks great!
    Anthony said...
    Marc, sorry about the fence. If it makes you feel any better, I pounded in big ugly wire fencing plenty of times in the last few years. But be sure to go with the black plastic deer fencing next year. I'm glad I did.

    Top picture:
    Left front bed: potatoes
    Right front bed: bolted greens that need to be composted (broccoli rabe, arugala & simpson lettuce)
    2 back beds: Weeds :) Should be cucumbers and squash but I'm way behind in my summer planting

    Bottom picture:
    Back bed: Blackberries
    Far right bed: Blueberries
    Front center: tomatoes
    Front right: peppers
    Carol said...
    I like your raised beds. Mine are made the same way.

    Looking forward to more pictures as the season progresses.
    Ziggywigs said...
    Great blog....look forward to seeing more of your progress. The beds look very neat and tidy too.

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