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Squirrels Are Mean

I had a great looking bird feeder until recently. It was made of wood and modeled to look like a little book shop.

The squirrel that left this mess must have thought that the seeds would come out faster if he tore the door off. Not too far from this crime scene were the rest of the scattered remains, little books, a sign that said Book Shop and some mini window boxes with little pansies in them. Oh the humanities! With all the doo-dads ripped off it's just a white house now.

It's a good thing the book store was closed at the time and no innocent readers were injured.

Squirrels of New Jersey, you suck!


  1. CornOnACob said...
    that's so sad! I feel so bad for the poor book store :(
    Ki said...
    Awww, indeed squirrels do suck... and from the parts in the photo it seems it was such a nice looking bird house/book store too!

    We just planted in pots, what seemed like hundreds of amaryllis bulbs we stored from last year. Of course the squirrels dug up several, either looking for nuts or just for the heck of it. After replanting, I gave it a good spray of Dave's Insanity Sauce, incendiary habanero pepper sauce. Just a whiff makes your eyes tear. No more dug up amaryllis. That will teach them to mess around with me.

    The squirrels are constantly climbing the iron poles to get at the sunflower seeds we set out for the birds. Last weekend I greased the poles with vaseline and we had fun watching the pesky rodents slide down the pole. Unfortunately they are smart little devils and now just jump onto the feeder from the nearby trees.

    They are incredibly strong. They remove the bungeeed cover of a steel trash can we store the seed in. It must take a pull of about 3-5 pound to take the cover off! That's a determined squirrel. NJ squirrels are tough.
    steven said...
    I used to think squirrels and chipmunks were cute. I even has a corn feeder out for the squirrels, thinking it would keep them out of the garden and other mischief, but ever since a squirrel has taken up residence in my attic I've decided I hate them. The chipmunks are even worse, they'll tear things up for no discernable reason. I'm always thrilled when the Jack Russell brings me a dead one.
    OldRoses said...
    I have to have metal birdfeeders or encased in metal cages birdfeeders because the squirrels will chew through everything else. They also eat more than their fair share of my seeds and bulbs and destroyed three rosebushes. I feel your pain.
    kellypea said...
    I should hook you up with my sister. She lives in VA and has seen her cat catch a squirrel in mid-jump from the bird feeder to the ground.
    Blackswamp_Girl said...
    Man... even the squirrels in New Jersey are tough guys. ;) Seriously, that sucks about your feeder--it must have looked really cool when you originally made it.

    By the way, how's that mulch pile going? Any smaller yet?
    firefly said...
    The squirrels of New Jersey must be cousins to the squirrels of Maine ;)

    Today I had to put a makeshift fence around three pagoda dogwood seedlings because I saw squirrels pulling the whips to the ground and rolling in the dirt, and they'd chewed almost all the leaf buds off one of three stems.

    Rat bastids!
    Anthony said...
    Ki, Wow, I thought I had it bad but if your squirrels are taking the lids of of garbage cans then it's only a matter of time before they're opening up your car doors and driving away. You'd better stock up on that hot sauce. :)

    Steven, I used to do the corn thing too but I agree. They're on their own now.

    Oldroses, I've seen those bird feeder and they're pretty cool. I'll have to add one to my wish list.

    kellypea, that sounds like a talented cat but my wife is allergic to cats (and sisters). :)

    Blackswamp_Girl, my mulch pile is gone but I'm going to have to order more. I only got 1/2 of my beds done. :(

    firefly, sounds like it's squirrels in general that are mean and not just squirrels of NJ. Thanks for the report from Maine. :)
    Flawed & Disorderly said...
    I've heard that squirrels of New Jersey suck more than squirrels of other states.

    For some strange reason I was watching a show about squirrels the other day on the Discovery Channel. Somehow stating the channel makes me feel less weird. Anyway, the people were trying every method known to man to keep squirrels out of their bird feeders. After an hour of various theories being tested, the result was nothing can stop a squirrel from getting what he wants. Nothing.

    So don't blame yourself. There was nothing you could have done to save the book store.
    Anthony said...
    Flawed, are you sure that you were watching the Discovery Channel because that show sounds more like "When Squirrels Attack" on the Fox Network. :)

    The bookstore may be gone now but we will rebuild. :)
    Annie in Austin said...
    The squirrels in IL and TX are no slouches, either. An anniversary present of two little wooden bird houses built around conjoined black metal hearts was turned into toothpicks almost immediately... and we hadn't put ANY birdseed into it!
    The squirrels have learned to recognize the shapes that traditionally dispense food, and systematically destroy anything fitting that description.

    Good luck Anthony - but maybe your next little buildings should have aluminum siding!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    lisa said...
    Squirrels are certainly the devil's minyon! I'd even put out a squirrel feeder for corn that looked like a cute little dining table and chair-smashed to smithereens! Baffles keep them off my feeders mostly, but about once a year an acrobat figures out how to leap from the arbor. Once I see him do this, that one smart squirrel wins a trip "toward the light"...but the dumb ones can stay.

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