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Random Blooms


  1. Yolanda Elizabet said...
    Excellent pics, love that Clematis, which one is it? There are some blooms on my blog too if you're interested.
    Carol said...
    Thanks for posting some blooms on bloom day. I love that clematis.
    Anthony said...
    Yolanda, I'm not sure which one it is. I'll have to go and check the tag. Good thing I saved it. I did check your blog and your blooms are amazing! I jealous.

    Carol, I've been meaning to participate in bloom day for a while now but I always forget. And it was actually just a coincidence that I posted some "Random Bloom" on Bloom Day. Hope you don't mind.
    Greengirl said...
    Too funny, I have identical blooms in my yard! Do you happen to know the name of your flowering shrub? We have two at our house.

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