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More Asparagus

When I bought that ugly looking asparagus the other day, it was a total impulse purchase. I was at Lowes and those bright and shiny packages called out to me.

If you like to garden, then I'm sure you know all about how hard it is to resist the cries of an unpurchased plant. Buy meee, buuuy meeee, Anthony you must bring us home with you.

Besides these asparagus, I was also called by a package of purple potatoes but they're already in the ground so they weren't available for photos.


  1. Carol said...
    I'm glad it isn't just me who hears those plants call out in the stores!
    Annie in Austin said...
    Buying a perennial vegetable sounds like a good impulse to me, Anthony. Not that you'll get any to eat for quite some time, but the asparagus can wave its ferny stems in the background while you're picnicking on purple potatoes.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    Anthony said...
    Carol, those plants sure can get loud, can't they?

    Annie, gotta love a veggie that'll wave to you while you're eating.
    Marc said...
    Its always good to buy new plants for the garden right? Especially vegetables! Thats one of the garden truths (I mean lies) that you once wrote about. "The vegetable garden will save us money" remember?

    Speaking of things you once wrote, in your first day of spring post you challenged us to post our 2007 garden goals. I finally did. One of mine is to have early ripe tomatoes in June!
    Ki said...
    Hey how come there's no comment button for your plum post? We've planted all kinds of fruit trees but the plums were most successful. Except for the birds, mainly the catbird, mocking bird and cowbird with the occasional finch there are few pests and diseases which attack the plum. Apricots, pear, peaches, apples need too much spraying. We still have a Santa Rosa left over from my fruit growing mania. And we have a peach tree mainly for the flowers in spring. It produces a lot of fruit even after the June drop but the insects have stung it and some kind of fungus damages many of the fruit. Too much work for me.
    Anthony said...
    Ki, thanks for letting me know about the comments being off for that post. Somehow that post was marked as do not allow comments. Weird.

    I love the flowers that fruit trees display every spring also. It really cheers up the yard.

    And I agree, they can be way too much work too. I have a 30+ foot apple tree on my property that was neglected for years before I moved in. Now it just gives me tons of nasty apples that go right into my compost bin.

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