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Green Daffodils

Where's the yellow?

Are my daffodils taking the year off? Was it the crazy weather this winter with 70 degree days in January and then several harsh ice storms in February? Or do my bulbs just need to be dug up and divided?

I guess I'll dig up a few and see what's going on down there. It's hard to believe that out of the 400 bulbs that I planted 3 years ago, that not one flowered. The crocus came up a little late but they were fine.

Or maybe this is my yard's way of telling me that I need more bulbs.


  1. Colleen said...
    I think almost every yard needs more bulbs :-)

    My daffies finally came up last week, but they look pretty wussy. Nowhere near as colorful or as big as they usually are. I'm blaming it on the weird weather. But I'm still going to plant more bulbs this fall, just to be sure!
    Carol said...
    It does seem odd that you had virtually no blooms. I didn't think daffodils needed to be divided that often? I've never divided mine, and I get blooms. But I agree, buy more bulbs in the fall!
    Annie in Austin said...
    An old gardening buddy of mine always shook her head and said, "Too deep! Too deep!" when she saw my daffodils come up all leaves. Sometimes using a garden fork to pry up the whole clump and reset them a little higher does help, Anthony, but I don't know why.

    Mark said...
    I have always found that daffodils last for about 3 years of good flowering then they start to get tired and just stop flowering, at this point you just need to dig them up and replace them with fresh ones in October time.
    Cheers mark
    Ki said...
    All of our daffys bloomed so I don't know what to tell you. Not as nice as last year but a decent flowering. And we've had about the same kind of weather so that can't be it. If I were you, I'd take Annie's advice.
    OldRoses said...
    Sorry to say, but my daffs are doing great. How wet and/or shady is the area they are in? years ago, I did lose a bunch of bulbs of all kinds in a bed that is "moist" and semi-shady. I'm assuming that the bulbs rotted.
    steven said...
    Bulbs were so-so here as they got hit with a late snowfall and hard freeze just as they were setting buds.
    Anthony said...
    Okay, can I see a show of hands? All in favor of me buying more bulbs, please raise your hand.

    I think I'm sensing a lot of hands out there. That calls for a lot of bulbs. Thanks for your votes.
    seedling said...
    A fellow Jersey gardener here... My daffodils were likewise disappointing. And I too was wondering if it was the weird January weather. Just like yours, I had lots of greenery and very few blooms. This is year two for these bulbs and last year was quite a success. The tulips, which are planted in the same bed, have been happily blooming. So go figure.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Seedling, my tulips are coming up now too. It must have been the crazy weather that got our dafs. I'm going to remember this as the Great Daffodil Disaster of '07. :)

    Oh and that community greenhouse deal that I read about on your blog sounds interesting. Be sure to write more about your experiences there.

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